Custom CRM Development


A Customer Relationship Management Software is a one-stop technological solution for a business for al its customer related needs. It is used to store all the customer records in a central repository that is accessible to each employee. Such a centralized repository ensures all the departments are able to access all the customer records and study their interests which will benefit the organization. A Customer Relationship Management application can turn out to be very advantageous to departments such as client servicing and sales.

We offer a full range of CRM solutions starting from Consulting and Software development to Back-office support. Spanning over forty man-years of development experience and by using our agile development techniques, even a moderate sized business can have exactly what they need. Many companies turn to us to build customized solutions to fit their unique situation.

At Tekinfoway, we provide our clients with comprehensive CRM solutions ranging from CRM consultancy and development to back-office support. Having acquired a vast development experience over the years, Tekinfoway offers its clients flexible engagement models for the Software Development.
We along with our esteemed customers have developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that help businesses manage their relationships with existing and potential customers alike. These systems help you streamline your business processes to generate leads and increase customer satisfaction. This helps to improve the overall customer experience while increasing employee efficiency and ultimately minimizing costs.
Thus, Tekinfoway’s talented developers offer you a one-stop solution for all your customized CRM requirements. With the flexible models at your disposal, you can have us develop a site that not only suits your needs but your budget.