Internet Of Things


Tekinfoway associates with young entrepreneurs and successful conglomerates to provide them solutions for this connected world. Our Inter of Things (IoT) solutions and services have found many uses amongst businesses. They have turned to our IoT solutions to enhance efficiency, improve user experience, and to generate a business that connects people, information and processes.

We deliver cutting edge Internet of Things ( IoT ) solutions to not only enterprises but also directly to customers. We have provided solutions for a wide range of applications such as security, home automation, and IoT applications customised in accordance with industry needs, which are transformational in nature.

We build connected products which utilize the power of Machine Learning and Data Analytics to increase the efficiency of your products. Tekinfoway, from its offices in India, the USA, and the UK, believe in providing integrated services to handcraft and manage your IoT solutions. Tekinfoway’s model of engagement with clients is flexible in nature. We help you stay ahead of competitors by giving you IoT solutions that are efficient and in accordance with your budgetary and domain-specific needs.