Social Media Optimization


Social Media Marketing is a necessary investment in today’s market scenario in order to enhance an organization’s brand awareness. It is the easiest route to ensure consistent two-way engagement with your consumers. Conversing with your consumers on a regular basis is very important to retain a competitive advantage on Social Media. When you work with our Social Media Optimization team, you will be able to analyze your consumers’ needs better and we will help you leverage your offerings by understanding their behaviour.
While it is very easy to invest money in Social Media to get followers and reach. The real challenge lies in engaging with the kind of audience that is genuinely interested in your product or service. That is exactly where Tekinfoway’s expertise comes in. Our digital marketers have a valuable experience with working on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, among many others for various industry domains which will help a unique social media program to reach out the most relevant audience.

Tekinfoway’s Social Media Optimization services include

  • Setting up your profile in social networking websites
  • Community building
  • Regular addition and tweaking of optimized, well-linked content
  • Generation of ideas for viral marketing, such as videos, events, news, articles, and much more to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities
  • Integration of blog, RSS, tagging and other tools to make your website social media friendly
  • Promotion of your website through free and paid advertisements on social networking websites to drive targeted traffic (both geo-targeted and global)

Techniques we use

Social Shopping Feeds
Product Review
Blog Posting
Social Bookmarking
Social Profile Listing
Social Event Marketing
Our SMO services are also designed to boost the impact of other online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, direct marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.
Our social media marketing team will develop a foolproof Social Media strategy and ensure maximum visibility and brand awareness amongst potential customers. We will assure uncompromising quality and viable results while working within your budgetary and domain-specific needs.