Transportation & Logistic


Redefining the transportation business through innovation, Digitalization & Transformation. The digital revolution has transformed the global supply chain and redefined how businesses manage their transportation and logistics infrastructure. The transportation and logistics industry is at the core of the global supply chain and is constantly evolving to keep pace.

  • Increasing customer demands for cost-effective solutions to enhance the productivity, quality, safety and security of their businesses

  • Continuous emergence of new business models such as E-commerce

  • Futuristic transportation solutions, for example, using drones for delivery or Big data solutions to support visibility & making supply chain agiler
  • Changing security, regulatory and compliance requirements, and addressing environmental concerns

In this challenging environment, a digital ecosystem empowers logistics companies with web-based tools, mobile applications and secure portals to overcome the challenges. It enables the companies to increase their efficiency, growth and employee retention rates & drive visibility across their network.

Digital Transformation solutions to enhance supply chain visibility and delivery through mobile applications; Data Integration solution for Transportation Management Systems to upload data based on business rules; Testing Accelerators for Transportation Management Systems with inbuilt business scenarios are some of the solutions being used by key logistics customers in achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Handle more shipments. Improve load and route planning. Eliminate shipment issues. Even streamline the dispatcher/driver relationship. We’re focused on the issues that make a real difference to your business. We provide optimal solutions to enhance the performance of your supply chains. We link your success and growth to ours.

Tekinfoway, from its offices in India, the USA, and the UK, offes expertise to create web applications using the most cutting-edge solutions. As a leader in the industry of Solutions Development, Tekinfoway helps its clients to build comprehensive solutions so that they can access the innumerable benefits of the technological advancement. Our clients enjoy a flexible engagement model. We assure uncompromising quality and viable results while working within your budgetary and domain-specific needs.