Hosting Migration


Server migration is not simply migrating the files from one server to another server. It has several steps for smooth migration and keep your clients happy.
Website migrations can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Not just from the sheer amount of work that goes into them, but also because of the dangers, they present to your SEO and your data.


  • Non-SSL to SSL: Changing your website protocol from HTTP to https
  • Subdomain Migration: Changing your website from “” to “”
  • Domain Migration: Changing your website URL from to
  • URL Migration: Changing your website URL from a .com to a .org, .net, etc., or vice versa
  • Content management system Migration: Moving your website from your current CMS to a new one, for instance, moving from WordPress or Joomla
  • Redesign: Making modifications that range from small aesthetic changes to the website layout to a full website revamp with major code and copy changes
  • Structural: Changing the website architecture or structure, which usually means changing either the user flow of a website or the URL structure on which the website is built
  • Hybrid or combination: Using a combination of the above types of migrations


  • WordPress Migration Projects

WordPress migration is one of our most popular migration services. We have done hundreds of WordPress projects and have mastered the process of perfectly migrating this platform with no downtime. For our WordPress migration service our standard migration process is to take backups of the wordpress site, move the files, move the database, move any emails associated with the domain name and update the nameservers to point to the hosting service.

In most cases we can migrate a WordPress website in 48 hours or less. In certain more complex situations it may take up to 72 hours but those are rare. We have migrated to and from thousands of web hosts and rarely find a web host service that we have not worked with in the past. If you want to get your WordPress site migrated without any hassle, Tekinfoway is the best company for your needs.

  • HTML Migration Projects

We are well versed in migrating HTML websites and can assist with any project. With HTML based sites we will take a full backup of the site structure and then move the files to the new location and update the nameservers of the domain so that it points to the new webhost. If any databases are present, we will migrate those as well. HTML migrations can usually be done in 48 hours. Contact us today about our migration service and lets get started on your project.

  • Forum Migrations

We love helping clients migrate their forums. Often times forums have to migrate when they outgrow their original hosting environment and the site requires additional bandwidth and processing speed. For our website migration services in case of forums, we conduct a full backup on the site files including the database, then we move the files and login to the site to update any forum settings that may be needed to reflect the new environment, then we change the domain name nameservers to point to the new web hosting company.

  • Custom Migrations

We have assisted hundreds of customers with custom website needs. Whether it is a custom web app, custom CMS, or some other type of framework we can help with migration. We are well versed in all of the latest frameworks and can develop a custom migration solution that is perfect for your project These projects often require advanced notice and the time to complete the migration can vary. Please contact us for a quote for any custom services.