Mobile App UI Design

Mobile UI organized it into two sections, designing for mobile devices and cross-browser compatibility.

Mobile UI devices designing for

Mobile UI devices have quite different hardware characteristics compared with desktop or laptop computers. Their screens are usually smaller, obviously, but they also usually automatically switch the screen orientation between portrait and landscape mode as the user rotates the device. They usually have touch screens for user input. APIs like geo location or orientation are either not supported on desktops or are much less useful, and these APIs give mobile users new ways to interact with your site.

Mobile UI Working with small screens

Mobile UI Responsive Web Design is a term for a set of techniques that enables your web site to adapt its layout as its viewing environment — most obviously, the size and orientation of the screen — changes. It includes techniques such as: fluid CSS layouts, to make the page adapt smoothly as the browser window size changes the use of media queries to conditionally include CSS rules appropriate for the device screen width and height. The viewport meta tag instructs the browser to display your site at the appropriate scale for the user’s device.

Mobile UI Working with touch screens

Mobile UI To use a touch screen you’ll need to work with DOM Touch events. You won’t be able to use the CSS: hover pseudo-class, and will need to design clickable items like buttons to respect the fact that fingers are fatter than mouse pointers. See this article on designing for touch screens.You can use the -moz-touch-enabled media query to load different CSS on a touch-enabled device.

Mobile UI Optimizing images

Mobile UI to help users whose devices have low or expensive bandwidth, you can optimize images by loading images appropriate to the device screen size and resolution. You do this in CSS by querying for screen height, width, and pixel ratio.

Mobile UI also make use of CSS properties to implement visual effects like gradients and shadows without images.

Mobile UI APIs Finally, you can take advantage of the new possibilities offered by mobile devices, such as orientation and geo location.

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