Who We Are

We are the graphics designer, web developers, programmers, SEO experts, bloggers, social media marketing, and WordPress experts all rolled up into one. We love what we do and we want to share our love of the internet with you.

We take a great pride in being a hybrid mix of geeks, coders, creative folks, marketers, and salespeople. We have not only a lot of experience with apps and web, we understand the technology behind making it all work on the internet.

We believe that internet is a powerful marketing tool that can build branding, drive traffic, and produce tangible revenue and ROI.

Company president, Kin Patel, founded the company to ensure every entrepreneur, small business, or mid-market company has an opportunity to use the internet to pursue their passion and achieve their marketing goals.

Our Mission

Tekinfoway -A professional Web Design and Development Company situated in the most prosperous Country -A hub of IT and other lucrative industries; born with an aim of providing web design and web development services with quality, transparency and price tag that you never found with others.

Our Vision

To continuously improve the web presence of your business beyond your ideas with constructive communication structure. To satisfy our customers’ business needs and desires in such a way as to promote our own personal growth and development.

Our Strength

Our strength is in our constantly growing team of project-managers, programmers, developers, web designers and technical experts who possess strong problem-solving and multi-tasking abilities. People at Tekinfoway are always ready to impart their knowledge and skills even when dealing with uncertain and unrealistic expectations.



Our teams of expert developers are ready for you, get your app idea and concepts into real app. we have different hiring models, choose the one which meet your budget. We assure you uncompromising quality standards.

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